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Vacation’s aren’t the end of the world

As I write this, I’m in Pompano Beach, looking out at the water from my 7th floor balcony, about to head down to the pool. But just because I’m on vacation, and yes, I’ve been having a few “wobbly pops” this week, that doesn’t mean I need to be totally unhealthy, or lose out on the fun. This morning I did a “Beach boot camp” with me and the wife, harder than a normal boot camp because I added sand into the equation, but I also plan on going down to the pool and probably having a few corona (lights) and a strawberry daiquiri or two as well. But dinner last night was pan seared sea scallops, mixed veggies and long grain wild rice (delicious), and 2 beers, breakfast today was 3/4 of a foot long subway egg-white sandwich, and lunch will probably be snacks (hummus, veggies, some fruit, some triscuits or wheat thins…etc, a good 450 or 500 calorie light meal), making sure I’m eating well is important, but it still FEELS like vacation this way, I’m not stuffing myself, I’m here with good friends, getting enough sleep, getting a good tan (wear your sun screen folks) and make sure you get your workouts in. I’ll do 3 hard workouts on this trip, and maybe 1 light workout. Not an overly demanding week for me (usually I do 4 hard and 2 moderate) but enough to keep me in line, but I get them out of the way early and I still have the whole day to be on vacation. This is the perfect answer to those of you who think vacation means you ruined your “diet” routine. It’s not a requirement to sabotage yourself when you go away.

best wishes,