So I sort of went on an unofficial hiatus from my blog site.  Mostly because I was in the middle of work drama (old job getting weird,  new job starting, taking a very difficult certification test, baseball playoffs…etc.), but fear not folks, I’ll be starting posting again bi-weekly in about a week or two.

I’m sorry if this caught any of you guys off guard.  But it’s a testament on how I feel about health.  I’m a big fan of learning to incorporate healthy practices into every day life, and this little “break” shows how that can work.  Not only did I continue working out through this relatively stressful time, I also continued (mostly) to eat right, keep my weight at the same level, and even started working out at a new gym (my old workplace had a very nice gym at the office so I didn’t need to pay for one), all of these little accomplishments are minor by themselves, but they are the sort of thing that throws people off track, gives them excuses, I didn’t let that happen, and I can help you keep these types of issues from interrupting your healthy lifestyle as well.  Feel free to contact me for sure fire ways to ward off the creep of life into good health.  I’ll be continuing my blog series with (fittingly) a blog on fitting healthy practices into every day life, look for it in about a week or two.  Until then,  feel free to peruse a few of my older posts to pick up other great tips and ideas about your health and being happy with your body!


best wishes all

Go Pats!



About banks1850

I'm a regular guy, very happily married, I have no kids, 1 dog (ok he's sort of a kid), love sports (playing and watching), and enjoy helping others. I'm an ACE certified personal trainer since early 2010 and I focus on impact athletics performance training and also beginner development for both nutrition and exercise. I'm a bit of a nerd, as such I love to read about health and wellness and much of my nutrition and biological knowledge comes from college and advanced text.

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  1. It’s great to see you back! Sorry you’ve been through so much stress, but congrats on going through it so gracefully and coming out strong on the other end.


  2. Wow banks1850, what an amazing blog. I finally found out how to look great too. It was not nearly as hard as you would think either. Keep up the great work!

  3. I am really about to do this step. This article got me wondering whether i can do it. Again. And thanks to you!
    very nice site, good work!!!

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