Nutrition resources for health!

The average diet of adults in the United States is horrendous.  Let’s face it guys,  a large majority of this country eats to much added sugar, to much saturated fat, too much highly processed carbohydrates, and drinks too much alcohol.  To go along with this most Americans consume to little vegetables and fruits, to little healthy fats, and to little lean protein sources.  I’m sure we’ve all heard the numbers,  according to a 2007/2008 study published by the U.S. CDC, two thirds of the adult population of the United States is overweight or obese (34% are obese, 34% are overweight).  We can talk all we want about the accuracy of Body Mass Index, or the processes by which these surveys are conducted, but that really doesn’t matter.  The world is fatter today than it was 50 or 100 years ago.

How do you buck the trend?  How do you take matters into your own hand?  It’s far easier than you think to become a healthier person.  Most health and nutrition experts agree, to lose fat and become healthier is simply a matter of eating right.  Exercise is an important health tool, but for most of us, food is the issue.  I’m a certified personal trainer,  as such I am passionate about exercise (I’m sure people are sick of me talking about it by now), but even I recognize that lack of exercise didn’t cause the fat epidemic in this country, it was the food we eat that did it, and the lifestyle we lead as adults.

I’ve compiled a few resources here for you to visit that could help you get started.  I’m a big believer in motivating yourself to do the work. While sometimes we all need a little push, I feel that those who have the best success and stick to it are the people who do their own work and achieve their goals on their own merit.


First and foremost, visit the USDA website and and check out the recommended daily nutritional guidelines for healthy adults.  For 80 to 90% of us, this is all you need to follow to become healthy.

And don’t forget to visit the dietary guidelines guide here:  for some valuable nutrition information and best practices.

American Council on Exercise has a great program called Ace get fit that you can visit online to receive tips, recipes, and articles.

The US Olympic committee has an area on their website that has some good sports related nutritional info here:

And the Harvard University school of Public Health has a wonderful nutrition website that can get you started here:


For any additional resource requests and/or questions, please feel free to email me personally.

happy eating!

-Steve H.



About banks1850

I'm a regular guy, very happily married, I have no kids, 1 dog (ok he's sort of a kid), love sports (playing and watching), and enjoy helping others. I'm an ACE certified personal trainer since early 2010 and I focus on impact athletics performance training and also beginner development for both nutrition and exercise. I'm a bit of a nerd, as such I love to read about health and wellness and much of my nutrition and biological knowledge comes from college and advanced text.

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